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Is Blurred Vision After Cataract Surgery Normal?

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Cataract surgery can help remove the cloudy lens affecting your vision, improving your sight. If you receive this procedure, is blurry vision normal after surgery? Is blurriness nothing to worry about, or should you contact your eye doctor?  Continue reading to learn more about cataracts, including if blurry vision is normal after cataract surgery. Let’s […]

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What Increases Your Risk of Cataracts?

What Increases Your Risk of Cataracts? Cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness. But while cataracts are treatable, they can also be preventable. Which opens the door to questioning: “What increases my risk of cataracts?” or “How do I protect myself from getting cataracts?”  Cataracts result from and are considered a normal consequence […]

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Can Cataracts Come Back?

Monitoring your eye health is a daily commitment, especially when dealing with something like cataracts. Getting treatment for cataracts from your eye doctor is an essential step, but what comes after? Let’s look at what cataracts are and what can cause them, including if they can come back after being removed.  What Are Cataracts? A […]

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Does Everyone Get Cataracts?

Maintaining sound eye care habits is essential to eye health, whether you’re keeping up with your doctors on the latest procedures or practicing good eye health habits. Dealing with cataracts is one of those crucial eye health procedures you can monitor. But does everyone get cataracts? Let’s explore what cataracts are, their symptoms, risk factors, […]

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Top 3 Myths about Contact Lenses

Prescription and reading glasses can do wonders for people who have vision problems. They also have their limitations. From creating poor peripheral vision and annoying reflections to fogging up with changes in temperature, eyeglasses can be bothersome at times. Many people wish they could switch to contact lenses but mistakenly believe it’s not an available […]

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Diabetes Eye Care

Although many people living with diabetes understand that the disease can lead to blindness, roughly 20 percent had not received a dilated eye exam as recommended every 12 months, a recent survey shows. “It’s critical for diabetics to have an annual dilated exam because it can help them avoid complications,” said Dr. Paul M. Griffey, […]

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