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How Long Does LASIK Last? Is it Permanent?

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How Long Does LASIK Surgery Last?

LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is a revolutionary advancement in vision correction that has transformed countless lives by freeing them from relying on glasses and contact lenses. However, a common question often arises: How long does it last? And, more importantly, is laser eye surgery permanent? Read on to learn the longevity of LASIK vision correction and see for yourself whether the results are truly everlasting. 

About LASIK Vision Correction

The experts at Griffey Eye Center define LASIK as a surgical procedure that reshapes the cornea, correcting refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It involves creating a thin flap in the cornea, then precise extraction of corneal tissue using an excimer laser. This reshaping allows light to focus exactly onto the retina, giving patients improved or even 20/20 vision. This, of course, means no glasses or contacts are needed.

How Long Does LASIK Surgery Last?

Like most surgical procedures, LASIK’s results vary from person to person, but the results are almost always life-changing. Some patients even report immediate vision correction directly after surgery! But the key question remains: how long do these improvements last? The general consensus among experts is that LASIK results are a long-term fix, lasting around 10-15 years on average. Patients can expect to achieve stable vision within a few weeks to several months after the procedure.

Is LASIK Permanent?

The word “permanent” often surrounds the LASIK practice, but it’s important to clarify its meaning in this context. LASIK can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for visual aids, giving back years of clear vision. However, our eyes can still change over time as we age or develop other ocular conditions. These changes, commonly known as presbyopia, can weaken your eyesight again, causing you to need glasses post-LASIK. So while it’s not 100% permanent, it’s an effective long-term solution that cannot be achieved in other modern surgeries with nearly the same precision.

Factors that Affect Longevity

Every LASIK situation is unique. Factors that influence how long it will last depends on the age at the time of the procedure, their prescription, and their overall eye health. Younger patients might experience more vision changes over time, whereas those with stable prescriptions tend to enjoy prolonged LASIK benefits.

Traits That Spurn the Best Results

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • Your corneas are healthy & thick
  • Your overall eye health is optimal
  • Your prescription hasn’t altered within the last year

Lifestyle Considerations

Relying on LASIK vision correction alone is not enough to maintain your eye health. Practicing good lifestyle habits post-op is vital in ensuring your surgery will benefit you for as long as possible. Activities like excessive UV exposure, eye strain, and certain occupations that require staring at digital screens for prolonged periods might influence the rate at which our eyes age. Adhering to recommended post-operative care and scheduling regular eye exams every one to two years can help preserve the benefits of LASIK for years to come.

The Bottom Line

LASIK is a highly effective procedure that offers long-lasting vision correction for a majority of patients—but it’s not for everyone. While it typically eliminates the need for corrective eyewear, our eyes, like any other body part, continue to change as we age. While LASIK might not be able to halt the natural aging process, it can give years of visual freedom in as little as 10 minutes or less.

Griffey Eye Care’s LASIK Solutions

At Griffey Eye Care & Laser Center, our qualified eye surgeons assess your complete health profile, explain the potential benefits and limitations, and guide you toward making an informed and confident decision about whether LASIK is right for you.

For more information about LASIK and other treatments, book your appointment with us today.

**Please note that the suggestions provided in this blog are for general informational purposes only and may not be suitable for your specific LASIK needs. It is important to consult a qualified healthcare professional for personalized advice and treatment.**

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